Here you will find direct downloads to some of the readily available Triggers that we have acquired from various sources to whet your Betting appetite.

If the original author of these Excel spreadsheets object to us uploading them for the benefit of the Betting community please dont hesitate to contact us.

There are also some sites or forums that you can use to help you find programmers to help you create more complex Triggers for a one off fee.

Please dont hesitate to contact us if you have any Triggers that you would like to share with the Betting community and we will happily upload to this site for others to use.

Some of these Excel triggers may no longer work or be compatible with the latest version of the betting application they were originally intended. We suggest

that you use these triggers only if you know what your doing or you run them in simulation mode.

We will not be held responsible for any losses incurred whilst using these Excel Triggers.

Download this file (BetAngel-auto-trade-v2.xls)BetAngel Auto Trade[Auto Trading Ladder using Bet Angel.]97 kB523 Downloads
Download this file (BetAngel_timed_v2.xls)BetAngel Timed[Spreadsheet to introduce timed bets into a Betfair market For example, if you wish to automate placing a bet five mins before the advertised start of an event then you would set the seconds to 300 (60 x 5)]155 kB297 Downloads
Download this file (Gruss Multi Staking.xls)Betting Assistant Multi Staking[Spreadsheet with multiple Back and Lay staking plans from ladder, recovery, progressive, maria, laypro88 and kelly.]284 kB763 Downloads
Download this file (Place_Bets.xls)Betting Assistant Place Bets[This sample allows you to enter a list of horses and lets you specifiy odds ranges to back or lay them at. ]46 kB382 Downloads
Download this file (Place_Bets_Multi_Same_Selection.xls)Betting Assistant Multi Place Bets[This is a modified version of place bets which allows you to have multiple entries for the same selection. ]94 kB396 Downloads
Download this file (RECORDING_ODDS_WITH_BA_-_many_markets.xls)Recording Odds with Betting Assistant[Using Betting Assistant to keep a log of Odds in a specific market before the off or in play.]180 kB401 Downloads
Download this file (RECORDING_SOCCER_ODDS.xls)Recording Soccer Odds[As the title states.]68 kB398 Downloads
Download this file (Scalp_Example.xlsx)Betting Assistant Scalp Example[This spreadsheet will place a back bet at the current best back odds and when matched placed a lay bet for the same stake at the current best lay odds. You must select to log My Bets when linking to the spreadsheet for it to work correctly.]11 kB451 Downloads
Download this file (Trading Record2.xls)Trading Record[Logs all of your daily betfair trades for each market.]183 kB386 Downloads
Download this file (TradingPerformance.xls)Trading Performance[Keeps records of cumulative and daily P&L as well as wins, loses and more..]228 kB428 Downloads